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Internet of Tricks

Any electronic device can be connected to the Internet. Networks of devices create the “Internet of Things” which is growing at an astonishing rate: every second another 127 new devices are connected to the Internet. Applications can be found in any sector of society: home appliances, cars, industrial installations, agriculture, or even tennis rackets and rubbish bins.

The Internet of Tricks project encourages young people and youth practitioners to engage with this technology through “learning by doing” in order to understand both the opportunities and risks related to this field.

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We use open knowledge and believe that science and technology should be more participative and democratic to empower youth to in the tech field, especially with regards to IoT



The main objective of the project is to empower youth with skills about the Internet of Things (IoT). Participants will explore opportunities, technicalities of this domain, and will be able to define and develop their own professional goals in this field.

Three specific objectives will be pursued:

  1. Sensitise youth regarding risks and potential of IoT, exploring issues such as data piracy, privacy and security on the internet, but also getting an insight into the many professional opportunities in the IoT sector.
  2. Boost technical competences of youth in the field of technology and IoT, for example programming, protocols, discovering the basics of connectivity and hacking, or prototyping connected devices from scratch.
  3. Expand professional and educational prospects of youth involved in the project. IoT skills are highly demanded by employers across Europe, be it the field of industry, sustainability, urban planning, health or in several strategic innovation programs.

Duration: Internet of Tricks runs for 27 months, from 2021 until December 2023.


Within this project, Ayamola developed and built 3 devices that it is using as predagogical supports to carry out activities focused on analyzing IoT opportunities:

  • a Robot controlled by voice commands > GitHub building instructions here , Instructurables here
  • a Gardening Station > GitHub building instructions here
  • a Meditation Link Device > GitHub building instructions here


With one of the partners of the consortium based in Naples, what better place to meet for a bootcamp at the end of summer? We made the right choice, but not only for the location!

Participants expressed to have improved their understanding of the benefits and risks of IoT, and to have learned a lot from the intercultural exchange. Tora, a volunteer of Kodcentrum Sweden, brings her story in this short video interview!

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