AYAMOLA is an NGO based in Barcelona which brings together the decades-long experiences and skills of Italian and Spanish artists, creatives and activists in non-formal education, arts, digital and the dissemination of environmental issues.

Our objectives are:

  • The dissemination and promotion of musical culture, of the culture of environmental sustainability and ecology, developing new forms of relationship between the two areas.

  • Promote the participation and active collaboration of the members of the association in educational and social work by carrying out and participating in projects.

  • Promote the exchange of experiences and research on joint lines of action with similar entities and organizations, favoring integration into networks.

  • Promote the understanding by society of the importance of the cultural industry in general and the art industry especially for the development of a culture of sustainability.

  • Promote didactic innovation and research into new forms of teaching, the exchange of cultural information and coordination, collaboration and support relationships at international levels.

  • Promote a new vision of waste through the creative reuse of recycled materials for visual creations, openers, musical instruments and artistic installations of any kind in festivals, exhibitions, museums, schools and in public or private institutions.

“Hermeto went to the kitchen to get the instruments: from the big knife to the spoon, everything is musical”

Guinga and Aldair Blanc about Hermeto Pascoal


We want to create the conditions and contexts for the conception and production of transversal and interdisciplinary artistic creations.


We want to spread environmental awareness by promoting the culture of sustainability and good practices trough art.


We want to bring people, activists, artists and organizations together around concrete projects to encourage their empowerment into a change maker.


We want to disseminate non-formal education in music and the arts through innovative tools and through technology.


Come and be part of Aymola: participate in our activities, come to our concerts or workshops, collaborate with us in one of our projects or propose one new.